Private Sewer Connections

Recent feedback from Bridgeport Sewer District residents has indicated that there is concern about the cost of the private connection from a residence or building to the public sewers. Please be aware that this connection does not have to be performed by only the approved plumbers/contractors on the current list. Should a resident want to hire a plumber/contractor that is not currently on the approved list, please direct the plumber/contractor to the Town of Sullivan Building and Codes Office (7507 Lakeport Road, 315-687-5251) for approval. For safety reasons, potential Plumber/Contractors need to supply to the Town proof of Workman’s Compensation and Liability insurance. They will be required to pay a $500.00 registration fee upon approval. That approval gets them on the approved plumbers/contractors list at the Town.

In addition, many residents have asked why the original estimate of approximately $40 per foot for the private connection that was conveyed at the project’s public interest meetings has at times proven to be inaccurate. The main reason for this discrepancy is due to the fact that the project came in under budget during the public bidding process and the additional funds were used to install most grinder pumps and gravity laterals within 10 – 15 feet of the existing septic tanks. This significantly reduced the distance of the private connection and likely caused the $40 per foot estimate to be inaccurate as the estimate had been developed with the assumption of 50 – 100 foot private connections. The sole intention and likely result of installing the public sewers closer to the septic tanks was to reduce the cost of private connection.

Please contact Taylor Bottar, Barton & Loguidice Engineer, at (315) 457-5200 with any questions or concerns.